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Ok. So. I got food poisoning from cookie dough. Why? D':

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Un, finally.

So basically, I´ve been waiting about 8 months for this trip to Spain. So much shit went down between me and my mumsy and well. the trip turned out to be terrible, and I lost whatever personal connection I had with my mum. So Blah. As I type this I´m sitting in like this... Internet bar thing.... In my hotel in Madrid to go back to California. thank god. this was a bad 2 weeks.

Vyk OUT. :l

♥♥ Vyktorya.

I'mma be a Vegetarian :D

It's my last night as a meat eater... so my family's cooking me a huge ass steak for dinner. I'm so excited to become a veggie C: I fucking hate animal cruelty... I can't stand it... I feel terrible eating meat even today... D:

But... I'm not a hippie... so yeah C:


SO. I'm teaching myself the piano... IT'S FREAKING HARD D: I've taught myself Numb (Linkin Park), Fireflies(Owl City) and Bring Me To Life(Evanescence).... I'm learning the piano piece in Intermission (Panic! At The Disco)... I've literally learned 16 seconds of over a minute song. And I'm stumbling. UGH. Wish me luck with this.. Nyeh.

O. Hallo.

I've decided I should probably actually post something xD SO HERE WE GO. Nyeh. LJ virginity ^-^